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Deer Damage to Tree

This South Charlotte customer is plagued with deer activity. Their lawn stays rooted by the deer, and the bucks rub their antlers on the cryptomeria trees. Here is a small tree that was severely damaged by a male deer. The tree has never been able to recover, since the deer activity is so high in […]

Deer Activity and Damage

Deer activity is very rampant in the cold winter season. Their food supply is limited, so they take to feeding on ornamental shrubs and trees in your landscape. In these photos, deer have nibbled away at the center of this shrub. Also, a young buck has scraped the bark of a small tree with his […]

Cold Temperature Damage

Here is an example of damage to the foliage of an azalea shrub.  Continuous cold nights, and dry windy days have caused the foliage to evaporate.  Luckily this damage is only isolated to the leaves.  In this same landscape, two other azaleas have completely collapsed, and will need to be removed.  Hopefully new growth will […]

Abiotic Plant Disorders

Abiotic Plant Disorders Landscape plants can be injured by biotic and abiotic agents.  Abiotic or nonliving agents include issues caused by man-made reasons, or even environmental extremes such as heat, cold, and wind.  Other issues could be from poor landscaping practices, and even pollution.   Coming soon:  Abiotic Disorders that our PHC professionals experience this season!