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Seasonal Pruning

Pruning at the Right Time Ensures Plant Health

Pruning trees is an important part of growth and care that allows for optimum plant health as well as beauty and integrity of the tree structure.

The best time to prune severely is before spring growth begins.  Pruning in the cooler months may spark new growth which can then be injured by freezing or cold temperatures.  

Various trees require different levels and methods of pruning for optimum plant health.  At Niwaki, plant health, we know the correct timing and methods of pruning for each plant.  This does NOT INCLUDE CREPE MURDER!

Let us take the work off of your shoulders this pruning season!


Pruning at the right time is important for these reasons:

  1. Trees are less susceptible to trees and insects in the cooler months because there is a lack of nutrition for these insects on the trees.
  2. Trees heal faster when they are not in full growth mode.  This means that by the time spring comes back, trees are healed and ready to grow with vigor.
  3. It’s easier for us to see what we are doing without leaves crowded or obstructing the view of the branches.  This ensures that we’re pruning your tree to live it’s best life in the spring, summer and fall!