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5 Common Tree and Shrub Problems


While many insects are beneficial, there are some insects that can quickly wreak havoc on trees and shrubs in SC.  Aphids, cankerworms, Japanese beetles, eastern tent caterpillars, whiteflies, bagworms, and scale insects aren’t helping your trees and shrubs at all.  In fact, these insects aren’t only a nuisance…they can sicken and kill greenery on no time.  If you see any sign of insects, call us immediately so we can rescue your investment!


Leaf spots, chlorosis (or yellowing of the leaves), necrosis, rust, bacterial and fungal infections are just the beginning of diseases that kill plants in South Carolina.  Our team can quickly identify your tree or shrub diseases and can treat them in a way that will be effective as well as safe fro you and your family.

Abiotic Tree Disorders

Construction damage is an example of an abiotic tree disorder—a health problem attributed to a non-living cause. Many trees in neighborhoods and cities face risks from abiotic stressors, making preventative care even more valuable. These trees may also grow in places that have limited space. In these instances, growth control treatments can reduce the need for overly frequent or aggressive pruning. 

Fertilization and Soil Health

Addressing soil health and fertilization needs can boost your trees resiliency and vigor, giving it a fighting chance if it comes under attack from insects or disease.  Deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality organic nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of trees under pressure, which also helps to aerate the root system.  This provides macronutrients, micronutrients and important trace minerals to ensure that your greenery has what it needs to maintain a full, healthy life.  Call us for soil testing and treatment to ensure that your trees and shrubbery have the “food” that they need to survive.

Growth Control

Trees and plants grown too quickly can produce weak structures that can have a shorter, less vibrant life span.  Trees and plants that grow too slowly can be void of nutrients that can also cause weak structures and a shorter, less vibrant life span.  At Niwaki PHC, we can assess your trees and shrubs to ensure that they are growing at a healthy rate in a healthy environment.  Think of your plants as children.  We’re their pediatricians and we can provide you with their hypothetical growth chart of health.  Give us a call today to make sure your plants are on track for a healthy, vibrant life.

At Niwaki Plant Health Care, we are environmentally friendly with NO CHEMICAL RISKS.  You might even say we’re “tree huggers”.  We love trees, shrubs and plants of every kind and are ready to answer your call for HELP!