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Our NUTRIBLEND® formula is ECO friendly and

Does your lawn, trees and plants need help?

Are they sick or dying and you have no idea what to do? 

Niwaki Plant Health Care and Lawn Services can help bring them to life again!

Why are Trees and Shrubs Important?

Healthy trees offer many benefits. Trees provide oxygen to breathe, beauty to behold, curb appeal and increase property value. Trees and shrubs must be well-cared for in order to provide these benefits. From regular maintenance like pruning and fertilization, to managing threats such as disease and pests, trees need a little help every now and then. Our experts are passionate about preserving your trees and enhancing your quality of life.

Common Tree and Shrub Problems

Does your tree suffer from compacted soil?

Does Your Tree Need
Deep Root Fertilization?

Call us today to discuss whether your trees need deep root fertilization.  We’re your tree and plant doctors in Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas.

What are the Benefits of Trees?

Reduced Energy Use

Healthier Communities

Higher Property Values

Decrease Heat Islands

Less Watering

Safer Neighborhoods

Reduced Storm Runoff

Carbon Sequestration


If you think your trees are suffering from any pest or disease we can help!

Preventative Tree Care Can Reduce
the Risk of Disease

Just like people have risk factors that can worsen the negative impact of an illness or disease, so do trees. Fortunately, the reverse is also true: taking steps to optimize our health and getting good preventative care gives us the best chance at fighting an illness or minimizing the negative effects of things like stress. It also helps to make treatment more effective. Healthy trees are able to withstand stress from things like drought, insects, and disease better than trees that are already struggling, and then have an additional stressor added. They also respond better to treatment.

Taking action before a problem occurs gives your tree the best chance at a good outcome. For instance, a properly fertilized tree will be able to resist damage from a pest better than one that is suffering from a nutrient deficiency. It may even be less attractive to pests in the first place. However, stressors can still add up. For example, if that same tree suffers root damage from construction activity, that negative environmental impact may be too much for it to overcome.

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