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Disease Identification

Preventative Tree Care Can Reduce the Risk of Disease

Just like people have risk factors that can worsen the negative impact of an illness or disease, so do trees! Fortunately, the reverse is also true: taking steps to optimize our health and getting good preventative care gives us the best chance at fighting an illness or minimizing the negative effects of things like stress. It also helps to make treatment more effective. Healthy trees are able to withstand stress from things like drought, insects and disease better than trees that are already struggling and then have an additional stressor added.  They also respond better to treatment, just like we do to medicine!

Trees with yellowing leaves, dark or discolored spots, an abnormal coating or film, bark abnormalities, dead branches, decay or poor architecture of a plant are all signs of disease in trees and shrubs.  Our Arborists will come and diagnose your trees disease and will give you the prescription for recovery.  

Common Tree and Shrub Diseases in SC

It’s important to have your trees assessed as soon as you notice any changes in bark, leaves or flowers.  Call us today to have your trees and shrubs assessed for disease.