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Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root feeding (fertilization) is not always a necessary treatment, especially if you have healthy soil.

Here are some circumstances that could benefit from DRF treatment:

  1. A tree that is growing in very compacted soil. Nutrients and water are less likely to penetrate the soil and reach the root zone. Standard lawn fertilizers can’t penetrate the compact soil to reach the root zone and some nutrients are lost to competing grass roots.
  2. Trees that are not able to get enough nutrients from their surrounding area. In most urban and suburban areas tree leaves (nature’s way to fertilize the trees) are removed every fall.
  3. The branches and leaves of your tree show any signs of growth stress or severe root damage has occurred (which could be a serious sign for several health problems). Deep root feeding will help those struggling trees by replenishing depleted soil.

Deep root fertilization (typically administered in the spring or fall) is a process where a high quality organic nutrient solution (containing macronutrients, micronutrients and important trace minerals) is injected into the root zone of trees under pressure, which also helps aerate the root system.

If a you suspect that a tree is in need of deep root feeding, a professional consultation with our arborists can quickly determine if treatment is necessary.

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